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Thanks for visiting the online home of the Ark-la-tex's premier pet shop. We are dedicated to providing you with the best quality pets and pet supplies for your hobby. Paradise Pet Shop always has a huge Availability for the freshwater and saltwater hobbyist. We also carry products that make keeping birds, reptiles, and small animals fun. Find free articles on animal health and the aquatic hobby. Look for our site to be continuously updated and improved so as to provide you a vast array products, articles and services.

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Top Products

Three Stripe Damsel

Sunshine Pleco L-014

Marineland T5 deluxe HO Striplight

Pacific Coast Imports 1/3 HP GenX CL-850 Aquarium Chiller

Brine Shrimp Cysts

African Cichlid Attack

Wysong Epigen Venison Formula

TrueLumen Pro LED Striplights

O.S.I. Large Rough Bark Tree Stump

Suction Screen (Threaded)

Bumblebee Shrimp

Fission Power Skimmer

Top Products

Solana XL

Fiddler Crabs

Laguna Premium Koi & Goldfish Floating All Season Food Sticks, 8.5 oz.

Carpenter Flasher Wrasse

Pro Clear Wet/Dry Units

Julian Sprung's SeaVeggies

Wysong Epigen Venison Formula

Acriflavine-MS by FishVet

JBJ Trinity T5 HO

Penguin Bio-Wheel

Margarita Snail

Coralife Marine Salt Mix
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